Paid Listing

Your Paid Listing


If you are like many business owners, you want your advertising to be an affordable “bang for their buck” – and we try to provide it.  With our paid advertising, we do the following:

  • add your phone number under your name
  • add your website and/or Facebook page links
  • generate back links to our listing so that will help your listing(s)
  • allow your listing in up to 3 categories
  • allow a brief description of up to 150 words telling people about your business
  • follow your NAP (Name / address /phone number) protocall from your website.
  • check that you have a verified business in google
  • run a basic SEO check on your website
  • allow you to run press releases and infomercials on our site (additional charges apply)
  • Place you above the free listings (based on order that ads are paid for.)
  • periodic tips on how to improve customer traffic for your business.

Our procedure is simple – we will put the listing together by adding you  or updating your free listing.  We will then send you a link to view and approve your listing.  At the same time we will also invoice you for your listing.  Payment is due upon receipt.  Payment needs to be received within 15 days or we will downgrade the listing back to a free listing.

Please Note The Following

Due to the software we use,  we can not guarantee you will have a pin on the map – that feed is from google maps.

The following information is required to obtain your free listing.

Your Business information. If you do not have a Facebook page or a website, please type "NONE"

Tell us about your business

Please note that we will invoice you $39.95 a year for your listing via email. All invoices are due in 15 days. Invoices not paid will have their listing downgraded to a free listing.

Thank You again