Member Services

Member Only Services

Having a paid listing also allows you the following services at reduced costs, and even for free.  Please take advantage of them as you see fit for your business.

Website SEO Review

How well does your website score on SEO?  With your paid listing, we will provide you a complimentary website SEO scorecard.  This is not to tell you what to do or even sell you “SEO”.    Actually, we would outsource the actual work.   Our software will review your site for you and point out areas that may need improvement.  You will receive this report upon receiving payment for you annual listing.

Would you like one done later in the year? Or do you have another site you would like checked?  If you have a paid listing with us, we will check any website your send us.  Please note that it may take several weeks for changes to reflect – so don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen overnight.

You can see a sample report here.

Google my Business

Google My Business is something many small business owners miss out on, and those that do use it receive a lot of benefit.  With some of the tips we share, you can have  5 to 7 or more customers a month.  Do it yourself with our guides or let us help you.