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Get Your Listing Today

Thank you for your interest in advertising with us at Savannah Business Directory.  We offer different listing types and services.  Note that all paid listings are for 1 year.  Choose which type of advertising below.

Complimentary  Listing

Our complimentary listing is our gift to you.  And there are no strings attached.  You get your name and address listed in the category that we feel is most appropriate.  People can refer you to us as well.  (This is a user generated directory by the way) (Learn More Here)

Paid Listing

Many business owners want affordable bank for their buck – well try to provide it.  With our paid advertising, we do the following:

  • add your phone number under your name
  • add your website and/or facebook page links
  • generate back links to our listing so that will help your listing(s)
  • allow up to 3 categories
  • allow a brief description of your business
  • and more

We have made this as inexpensive as we can.  (Learn more here.)

Member Services

As a paid listing, we think of you as a member, not a advertiser.  The goal her is to help your business, not just be a annual expense.  To do that we provide the following “add-on” services.

Google my Business

Google My Business is something many small business owners miss out on, and those that do use it receive a lot of benefit.  With some of the tips we share, you can have  5 to 7 or more customers a month.  Do it yourself with our guides or let us help you.  (learn More here.)

Press releases, Specials, and Infomercials

With your paid listing, you get to submit press releases, specials, and infomercials.  We do limit this to one per week per business.  This allows you to have a separate article that is linked to your listing, has a unique url so that you can share it, and it stays posted.  We SEO it for you.  Or you can hire one of our writers to write it for you.  (Learn More Here.)

Website SEO Review

How well does your website score on SEO?  With your paid listing, we will provide you a website SEO scorecard.  This is not to tell you what to do or even sell you “SEO”.    Actually, we would outsource that – but we do have the software that will review your site for you and point out areas that may need improvement.


I know, everybody has a news letter.  Well we do as well.  However, the frequency has not been established yet.  But the email will be short and sweet.  Links will be in the email for the actual articles.  I’m busy, and I know you are.  But a few minutes might bring in your next customer.