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Get Your Free Stock

Have you ever wanted to trade stocks but never had the money to do so?   Here is a way in which you can earn shares of stocks for free.    Its simple and easy.  Whats more, you can get up to $500 a year in free shares of stock each year.

I signed up thru someones link and received a share of Groupon worth $2.54.  They received  share of Chesapeake Energy.

How does it work?

Get Your Free Share of A Stock Here

1) Click the link above to create a free account.   You do not have to put any money in the account.  Just skip that step unless you want to do some trading with them.

Once you have applied for an account and are “approved”, then you will get a randomly generated share of stock.

2) They will provide you a link, like I have above that you can share with your family or friends.  Once your friends sign up, you’ll both get a free stock when their application is approved.

3) Sell  the stocks you don’t want to fund your purchases of ones you do want.  Build up your own portfolio.

Get Your Free Share of A Stock Here

Get your free share of stock today and tell us what you got!  We want to know


There is a second company that you can use and that one will place from $10 to $1000 in your account to invest in the next year.  Caveats:  Cannot remove it for a year and must make a trade in 30 days.  However they also give you money in your account for each referral – up to $1000 per year.

Get up to $1000 to invest for free



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